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Using legacy backup feature

(deprecated function)

With Backup / Restore function, you can backup notes in a Google Docs' spreadsheet and restore from it.


This function is left for restoring notes from old backup files. If you'd like to backup notes and folders, use Google Sync feature instead.

To use backup and restore function, touch button from Note List page.

Touch gear to open "Settings".

Then, touch "Google Settings" button.

Touch "Google Settings".

If sync is disabled, "Legacy Backup" button is shown in Google Settings page.

Legacy Backup button

If sync is enabled, the button is shown in Advanced Settings page.

When "Legacy Backup" doesn't appear in settings

The legacy backup function is disabled by default if you newly installed RainbowNote after v.1.8.

If you like to use this function, touch "Settings" icon in iPhone's home screen.


When Settings open, find the RainbowNote and touch to open.

Global Settings

Touch "Google Docs" button.

Touch "Google Docs" in "Advanced Settings" section.

To access to legacy backup function in RainbowNote, change the "Backup" parameter to "Show in Google Settings".

Legacy backup enabled

Legacy backup is enabled.


Touch "Start Backup" button to connect internet and start backing up.


① Touch "Filename" to connect internet and open backup file list on Google Docs server. Touch to select a file and "Back" button.

② Touch "Start Restore" button to restore.

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