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Moving from one folder to another sometimes costs you if you have big folder tree in RainbowNote. By using Quick Access, you can easily go back to Home folder, go directly to the folder chosen from folder tree, directly access to recent notes, etc.

Quick Access is accessible from list page and edit page.

Quick Move

Long press this button

To show Quick Access, long press "List" button List Button on the top left of the screen.

Quick Move

Quick Access

There are four tabs in Quick Access. Choose the one you would like to look at.

(1) View History: Shows the list of notes recently viewed.

(2) Recent Notes: Shows the list of notes recently edited.

(3) All Folders: Shows the full folder tree in RainbowNote.

(4) Starred: Shows the list of starred folders.

In list page, long pressing 階層ボタン button on the top left of the screen shows Quick Access.


After Quick Access page appears, choose a tab from bottom bar to view the list desired.

Back to Home folder quickly

By tapping the home icon 階層ボタン on the top bar, you can go to Home folder by one tap. It is useful if you are deep inside the folder tree.


To go back to Home folder quickly, Tap the Home icon on the top bar.

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