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Customize Screen Rotation

In default, RainbowNote's screen rotates as your iPhone/iPod touch position. If you like to use just portrait or landscape mode, you can set RainbowNote's behavior.

Touch  button from Note List page. In "Settings" page, touch "Screen Rotation".

If you choose "Portrait Only" or "Landscape Only",  RainbowNote doesn't rotate the screen. It's convenient when you use RainbowNote lying on the bed.

If you're using iPhone 3GS/iPhone 4 with iOS 4

If you are using iPhone 3GS/iPhone 4 with iOS 4, you can use rotation lock function of iOS.

To lock screen rotation, ‡@press iPhone's home button twice, scroll history panel to left.

‡ATap the screen rotation lock button.

Press iPhone's home button twice, tap the left most button.

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