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Change list theme

RainbowNote version 2.0 adds a new function to change the list themes.

You can choose from 4 themes.

Classic Theme

Classic Theme

Black and White

Black and white theme

Dark Theme

Dark theme

Wood theme

Wood theme

To change the list theme, tap the gear iconGear icon at the list page.


Tap "Theme"

The Settings page opens, tap "Theme" button.

Select the theme as you like. Tap "Settings" to exit.

From version 2.2, you can choose keyboard from two types. One is iPhone's default and the other is black keyboard. By default, black keyboard is selected if you are using Black or Dark theme.

black keyboard

You can change the keyboard type in "Theme" menu in "Settings".

Tips for iPhone 3G users

When you're using RainbowNote with iPhone 3G with iOS 4 installed, sometimes it's slow to show notes with thumbnails.

To prevent it, you can change thumbnail setting from "Settings" → "Theme" → "Show Thumbnail in Item List" to "No".

Theme settings

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