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Setting up Google Sync

With sync feature, you can automatically send all notes and folders in RainbowNote to a specified folder in Google Docs, and vice versa.

How to setup

Touch "Status" button in Google Settings page.

Then, touch "Setup Google Sync" button.

Choose the sync destination folder in Google Docs. You can create a new folder, or specify a folder in the root folder of Google Docs.

Setup completed. Touch "Start Google Sync" button if you would like to start sync immediately.

Import / SendTo limitation (when Google Sync is ON).

Some of the Import / SendTo functions are disabled after Google Sync is enabled.


The document list in "Import from Google Docs" page doesn't contain the documents that are synced to RainbowNote (Documents which are in synced folders but not yet synced to RainbowNote are shown in the list).

Send To

In the "send to" menu of Note Edit page, overwrite to Google Docs options are not shown.

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