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Search and replace

To seach words in a note, tap Search button button.

Tap Search button

Tap inside the search field, and enter keyword to search. Tap "Seach" button to find the resuld.

Search within a note

(1)Enter keyword to search. (2)Tap "Search" to find search results.

When search results appear, tap "Replace Mode".

Search result

Tap "Replace Mode".

Then Replace window appears below search window. Enter the word you like to replace and tap "Next"button.

Enter the word to replace

(1)Enter the word to replace. (2)Tap "Next" button.

Tap "Replace"button to substitute a searched keyword to the word you entered.


(1)Do Replace. (2)Move focus to next / previous keyword. (3)Undo / Redo. (4)Replace all. (5)Close Replace mode. (6)Finish Search and Replace.

If you tap "Replace All" button, you can replace all keywords within a note.

Tap "Done" button to finish searching.

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