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Search within a note

Search your notes

In Note List page, you can search your notes. Input keywords in the search box above, and touch "Search" button. The notes which contain the keywords appear in the list.


RainbowNote search within the folder of your current view.

After search, you can open notes which contain the keywords. When you open a note, search keyword will be highlighted in the note.

Search result

(1)Seach keyword is highlighted in blue. (2)Number of keyword within the note. (3)Tap "Prev" or "Next" to jump the other keyword in the note. (4)Open next note which contains the search keyword. (5)Open previous note which contains the search keyword. (6)Touch "Replace Mode" to open replace window. (7)Touch "Done" to finish search mode.

After the search, touch "Done"button to finish search mode.

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