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Organize your notes into folders

There are two ways to move your notes in folders.

① In Note List page

In Note List page, touch  button.

Manage Items

“Manage Items” view appears. Touch notes’ titles which you like to move. Touch “Move” button.

"Move Items" page appears. Choose the destination folder by touching the name.

You can't move items in themselves (of course!)

If the color of the folder name is red, you can’t move items to that destination. Because that folder is currently selected to move, or parent of selected folders.

② In Note Edit page

Open your note, then touch  button.

Move an item

Touch "to other folder".

Move an item

"Move Items" page appears. Touch a destination folder.

Which way is the best?

If you like to move many items at once, ① is convenient. ② is good if you like to choose destination after looking inside of note.

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