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Record geo location of your note

RainbowNote can record GPS location of your note. To get the geotag for a note, tap Globe icon at the information area of your note.

※ You can record the longitude and the altitude of the location if your iPhone catches GPS satelites (even you can't connect the internet). You need an internet connection to see the map.

Tap the globe icon

Tap Globe icon at the information of the note.

If your iPhone catches GPS signals, current location appears as a blue dot on the map. If you like to record other place for the note, scroll the map and set the place to the center.

Add the location to the note

① current logation (blue dot), ② drag the map to show the place where you like to record for the note location to the center. ③ tap "Record the red pin as the note location" button, ④ tap "Back" to exit.

Tap "Save current position" buton to record the center of the map as the location of the note. Tap "Back" button to return the note.

To see the location of your note later, tap the Globe icon at the information area.

※ You need an internet connection to see the map.

Add the location

Tap Globe icon to see the map.

How to save the location as a map image

If you like to add map as images to your note, see "Add maps to notes".

In this way, your note's geo location is saved as a map graphic image. So you can see the map without the internet connection.

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