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Add maps to a note

You can add map images in your note. To add map images to a note, touch inside the note to enter edit mode, then tap Globe button Globe button at the title bar.

Tap ① to enter edit mode (keyboard appears), ② Tap Blobe button to open New Map.

When GPS is enabled, the current location appears the center of the map. If you like to change the location, drag the map to make other spot to be centered. Pinch in/out gestures make the map zoom in and out.

Tap one of the "Road", "Satellite", "Hybrid" button to change the appearance of the map.

Get the map iamge

① Get current location, ② Change map display mode (Map/Satellite/Hybrid), ③ Drag and zoom in/out to determin the area of the map to save, ④ Save the map as an image, ⑤ Return the note view.

Tap "Create" button to save a map as an image in the note. Tap "Back" button to return the note view.

① Map image in a note. To tap the image to see it in full screen. ② Tap the name of the location to reveal it on the interactive map.

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