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Read geotag from your photo album

The iPhone has a built-in GPS receiver, so when it catches GPS signals, photos taken by iPhone have location information (geotag) in its EXIF data.

If you are using devices with iOS 4 or above, you can import geotag of photos, too.


When you insert pictures with geotag from your Photo Album, location names appear below images.

Tap the name of the location below pictures to open the interactive map.

show place on the map

You can change the map type to satelite view by tapping the button on the left.

When you import photo from your camera roll or photo album, pictures with geotags have red mark.

photos with geotag

You can To delete geotag from a picture within a note, tap x mark at the bottom of a picture.

How to see locations of your photos in a note?

Tap Globe icon at the information area of your note.

Tap the globe

all locations within a note

Interactive map opens to show all the location of your photos in that note.

Touch left or right arrow to see the next photo. To zoom a photo, touch a thumbnail.

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