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How to change background image of note

To change the background image of a note, tap Note Settings button Note Settings button at the bottom of a note.

Note Settings

Open Note Settings.

In the Note Settings, tap "BG" to see thumbnails of background images. Swipe right or left to see more (You can also use arrows to move thumbnails back and forth).

Tap a thumbnail to change the background image. Tap "Done" button to close Note Settings.

Select backgroung image

Select the background image.

A background image contains a font setting, too

When you choose a background image, font color and type will be changed to match the image. If you like to set font of your choice, after changing font, tap "Save" and " Overwrite the default BG". Your saved font settings are paired with the paper background image.

Overwrite the default background

"Save settings for new notes" button to save your choise of background as a default setting of new note.

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