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How to change font

To change the size, color and type of font to disply your note, tap Note Settings Icon below the note.

① Note Settings appears. Tap "Size" button.

Font size/color

Change size and color of font.

② To change size of the font, move "Font Size" slider.

③ To change color of the font, move red, green, blue sliders.

④ Tap "Done" button to close size settings.

Font family setting

⑤ To change font style, tap "Font" button.

⑥ Tap right area to change font groups. "Latin" means all fonts for latin alphabet. "Fun" is a group of funny fonts. "All" displays every fonts installed on the device.

⑦ Tap a font name to change it.

⑧ Some fonts have variations (bold, italic, bold/italic). You can select one of them from left area.

⑨ Tap "Done" to close font settings.

How to change default fonts of paper backgroud images

Tap "Save" button from Note Settings. Tap "Overwrite BG deault settings" button to save your current font style and color to the paper background image.

Save original font setting to the paper background.

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